Megan Blais

Megan is currently a secondary five student at Laurenhill Academy. She mentors younger students at her school’s writing club, is a member of her schools charity water team and works closely with her school’s spiritual animator to bring awareness to First Nations people’s and some of the problems they face. As a young Indigenous girl herself, Megan’s mandate is to build allies and work with her community members to build stronger relationships with other youth. She wishes to one day be able to live in a Canada where everyone is a partner in working towards real reconciliation.

She is also a member of Native Montreal’s Indigenous Youth Crew. Her goal is to have the voices of urban and rural indigenous youth heard to be able to create real change. She has been involved in many activist marches and walks. She believe strongly in fighting for aboriginal rights, and one day hopes that she will have helped build a Canada that is more equal and equitable.